With endorsement from UNHCR, ECB runs a refugee school called ElShaddai Refugee Learning Centre (ERLC). Presently, there are over 400 students originating from six nations, placed in classes ranging from Kindergarten to Form 2. An E-Learning Centre under ERLC will be set up in 2017 to benefit post-Form 3 students, giving them earned certificates, diplomas and even degrees, thus giving them hope for a better future.


ElShaddai Healthcare for Refugees (EH4R) was set up to provide basic healthcare that is often denied to refugees due to their inability to pay. It consists of a team of volunteer doctors, pharmacists, nurses, helpers and Befrienders going to various refugee communities, such as Rohingyas (Jalan Kapar and Taman Tasik Tambahan Ampang), Afghans (Ampang), Burmese (Selayang), and Sudanese/Somalians (Gombak). ECB solicits sponsors.


A Shelter Home, ElShaddai Shelter for Refugees (ES4R), was set up in partnership with UNHCR to provide shelters for unaccompanied minors (children who arrived in Malaysia without their parents). ES4R has committed House Parents with trained skills to bring up traumatized unaccompanied minors. The children are sent to ERLC (9am to 2pm) but stay at the Shelter Home instead of their respective communities after school.

Skill Development

ElShaddai Skill Development Centre (ESDC) is a pipeline project with the intention to help older refugee children who are less academic to acquire some skills so that they can be gainfully employed, with carrier prospect and progress, helping them to move away from 3D jobs. Possible skill development training in time prayerfully will include care-giver to seniors or invalid, baking skills, hair dressing and make up artists, etc. We welcome partnership from trainers who are willing to work with refugee children.

Social Enterprise

These are sustainable projects set up to help refugee families to become financially independent or to partially support their families.

  1. Soap Making Project: currently brought to homes of Rohingya communities to help their ladies to gain side income.
  2. Sewing Project: An ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) project set up in Hazara Community as they are skilled in tailoring.
  3. Second Hand Goods Shop (Second Chance): As a point to engage lower income communities and to provide employment.
  4. Aquaponic Project: Pilot project with intention to train refugee youths.
  5. Urban farming.


ElShaddai Shalom Centre (ESC)
Lodging prepared for short term ministry partners, interns from churches, mission agencies, colleges and corporate companies locally and abroad as well as short term mission trippers.

ElShaddai Transit Centre (ETC)
Lodging prepared for stranded refugee families needing urgent relief.