The plea of the refugee women in Gombak to send their children a school to learn basic English and mathematics as well as for them to learn Bahasa Melayu and English to survive in this country and to prepare them for repatriation was finally answered after close to two years of waiting, planning and praying.

English literacy classes amongst the adults and children aged 9 years old and up had begun on the 2nd week of March in our Centre in Gombak. A total of fifty-one children, teenagers and adults from Somalia, Ethiopia, Yemen, Palestine and Syria had signed up. Many women and children around the area had pleaded to be registered but the center can only take as many as those who are currently signed up due to the limited space and staff.

There are three levels of literacy classes for adults, teenagers, children and a play school for children ages 4 -8 years old. Classes are conducted from Monday to Wednesday. We are hoping that the limited number of days for classes will bring about a transformation in the lives of the students as well as their families.


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