Out of many works done in ElShaddai, one of the fulfilling and important work in ElShaddai is the visitation work done by LED team. We consist of the teachers and individuals who sees responsibilities beyond teaching in school. This team is formed to go extra miles visiting spending time and reaching out to the student’s families where we intentionally make appointment with the student’s family to visit them to fellowship. The main reasons these team was formed are:

a. To survey the condition of living of the families
b. To build relationship with the parents
c. To help if there are any urgent needs
d. To bridge the gap between the school, parents and communities.

In our experiences visiting the families have indirectly created a bond of trust with the works in ElShaddai be it the ERLC or EALC. Throughout our many trips to the families, they have shared their sad stories such as the reasons they are here, the emotional departure and the sacrifices made.

Countless times, they have appreciated us for making the efforts visiting and checking on their well-being with no expectation. The results of our visits, we have gone to the extend providing food supplies, funds (for medical treatment and funerals), scholarship, counselling, mentoring and jobs opportunities for those who are in desperate situations.

To our amazement the various families we visited even though mostly are poor and in need, they never failed to provide a meal and hot or cold drinks. There been instances where we had some grand courses. These are the people with big hearts and always willing to giving their best regardless their current circumstances. Here we thought we are doing a favour for them, but they have shown great generosity when not enough. There also been shocking cases. One example Mr. Hassan and wife has six children, two grandchildren, one son in law. They live in two rooms out of the seven rooms in a shop lot. That floor has approximately 25 people living in the same place.

The father Mr. Hassan have serious medical conditions where he can no longer work, and he had to ask one of his three sons who is attending ERLC to work as laborer where his minimum wage is about RM800.00 due to his status to support his seven family members. Imagine this for one minute. Not taking into account where every time his father goes to the doctor for consultation it costs him about RM100.00/visit. They have no choice but to borrow money from their friends in the community and the stories goes on. We did not know the condition of this family until we visited the family. This is one of many cases we have encountered during our visits.

These are our daily usual when we visit the families. Our visits have brought hope, love and care to these suffering community. We roughly have 300 families to visit. It is not a small task but we are excited for the great things that is ahead of us because of the impact we are bringing into the community and families. We hope many more will join us to help those who are wounded, desperate and alone bring hope, love and compassion. A famous figure in history have said “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for God.”


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