On 12 and 19 September 2017, 102 students aged 12 and above attended the HIV/AIDS Workshop. The workshop materials were prepared by the Soroptomist International Club. They believe that educators and parents should educate teenagers and their families about AIDS. Topics covered were How HIV Works, HIV Transmission, Signs & Symptoms of HIV/AIDS, HIV Prevention and Protection.

It is absolutely vital that youths receive accurate information and knowledge about HIV/AIDS. Equally needful is a sound sex education that can make a positive impact on their sexual behaviour.
The BGR sessions guided students to consider the implications of getting involved in a relationship at their young age. Students were challenged as to whether they were ready to be sexually active and why the need to say ‘no’. These questions led them to realise the consequences of sex, most of which would bring devastating impact on them at their young age.

The main facilitator of these sessions was Ms Stephanie Tan, a company secretary whose passion is in counseling.

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