To help students understand what it is like to be a handicapped person, and the difficulty these people face, a 3-hour talk cum activity was conducted on 22 August 2017. This day was appropriately named Physically Challenged Day as the students were exposed to different types of challenges of being physically handicapped.

There were 5 stations where students learn to understand the challenges of:

  • The Old and Lame when they were wheelchair-bound
  • The Blind by being blindfolded and moving around with help of a walking stick
  • Those with walking difficulties by walking around with crutches
  • The Deaf and Dumb by using sign language to communicate
  • Those without hands by doing tasks with the feet

Learning to walk with crutches

Learning to walk with crutches

Dr Jimmy Chia, an active volunteer in the Beautiful Gates Ministry in Klang, organized the activities. The Beautiful Gates Foundation for The Disabled is known for providing the disabled with training in surviving skills and self-development skills. Many disabled have found help and hope through their training.

Dr Jimmy and another active volunteer, Timothy Teh, trained 13 teachers to man the stations. Within one and half hours 220 students went through the physically challenged experience in all 5 stations.

The objective of holding the Physically Challenged Day is twofold:

  1. To familiarize students on how to use the wheelchair, crutches, walking stick, sign language to communicate and their feet to accomplish tasks, and learn the safety measures in using them.
  2. To help students understand the needs of the disabled and how a disabled-friendly environment can be created in buildings and complexes, on pavement and walkways.

Wendy, a blind girl from the Beautiful Gates, was present to share her story with the students. She recounted on how God gave her a new life and purpose when she lost her eyesight as a result of an accident. Mr Lee Yew Hoe, the wheelchair bound coordinator of Beautiful Gates, was also there to share his testimony and the work of the foundation.

It was a very enriching day as teachers and students alike came out of this experience thanking God for the life He gave us, the blessing of being whole physically, and the understanding of how the disabled need our care and support.

Wendy sharing her story with Dr Chia translating for her from Mandarin into English

Wendy sharing her story with Dr Chia translating for her from Mandarin into English

We want to thank Beautiful Gates, Jimmy, Timothy, Mr Lee and Wendy for their time spent with us and for the loan of wheelchairs, walking sticks, blindfolds, crutches and sign language boards.

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