To appreciate and understand the world’s diverse cultures, students from Year 3–6 celebrated International Day in conjunction with their study of the value of ‘tolerance’. It was held on 1 August 2017. They portrayed the Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Indian, Chinese, Myanmarese and Ghanaian cultures.

The day started with a costume competition where students paraded the national and traditional costumes from those cultures. The Chinese costume, worn by two girls and a boy from the Joyful Fireflies team, won the costume segment. They cat-walked elegantly up and down the stage. Every team gave a short presentation on the uniqueness of the cultures.

It was followed by a short quiz given to the other teams to test the knowledge and attentiveness of their friends to their presentation. Each team also performed a short dance from the culture they represented. The Loving Fire team, with a solo dancer doing the fast Indian dance moves and beats, won the cultural dance segment.

The International Day ended with a small ‘feast’ where all students got to sample food from each culture: the Pakistani Briyani rice, the Ghanaian African groundnut soup and Fufu (made from corn flour), the Sri Lankan milk rice with hot chilli paste, the Chinese Pau, the Myanmarese vegetable dish called Sabuti, and the Indian dessert Kesari.

The event enriched the students’ perspective of the world’s diverse cultures in tastes, habits, music, dressing and lifestyle. They enjoyed learning about peoples and their way of living. Realising and understanding the differences in cultures makes the students more aware that everyone is unique in their own way, which is not necessarily wrong and definitely not the reason for any conflict.

To tolerate, to love each other as God loves us, and to treat others as we would like to be treated is the key of the character value of tolerance.


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