Following up on what they have learnt about “creativity” in the Character Building class this year, students and teachers from Year 3 to 6 put their creativity juices to work for a Dance Competition. It was held on 25 July 2017. They chose the song “Take It All” which has a loud, energetic music requiring lots of movements and actions. Out of the 6 teams competing, 2 teams (the Forgiving Comets and the Generous Supernova) did extremely well in their entrance movement onto the stage and their dancing formations on stage. The Forgiving Comets emerged as the Overall Champion.

We were honoured to have Cally Moh and Charmaine Tan as the judges. They have a wealth of experience in dance choreography, having been ballet and tambourine dancers in their church for more than 9 years. They graciously offered the student dancers helpful advice on more formations and ways to enter and exit the stage.

It is hoped that the dance competition has given both teachers and students a practical chance to apply creativity in their presentations.

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