By Sabrina Ting

Whenever I am approached to conduct teacher training, what I have in mind is not just to share knowledge, as anyone with access to the Internet can easily find loads of it. It is more to share my experience, my life, and my passion on how to make education an enjoyable learning journey for the children. The 2-day teacher-training workshop in August 2017 held at a Kajang preschool was no different.

The attendees were an interesting mix of people – from volunteers who had already made a commitment to serve in a learning centre that was going to start 3 weeks after the training, to migrants looking for potential employment; and from young women to elderly retired men. None have taught before. With my box of resources and some theories, we spent 2 days discussing, sharing, practising and learning together.

As a follow up, I visited the school the second week after it started. The first thing I saw was young children crying and running about, and teachers looking harassed. Oh dear, had the training failed? Did I fail to equip the trainees in coping with any circumstances in all classroom settings? Possibly, yet …

I saw a migrant teacher practising strategies she had learnt from the training to engage her older students. Yay!

I saw beautiful posters the volunteer teachers had prepared as visual cues for classroom behaviour. Great!

I saw the love of the volunteer teachers for the children, their commitment to keep trying to engage the children. Love never fails. Fantastic!

I am confident that over time, as the children settle down to the school routine and the volunteers and teachers practise what they have learnt, not just the theories from the training, but more importantly, from their own experiences, they will be the best teachers they can possibly be.

Blessed are the children under their care.

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