Thanks to the effort of the organiser, Hands Percussion Sdn Bhd, funds were raised to sponsor tickets for 1000 refugee children to watch a unique percussion concert at Lambang Sari, Istana Budaya in August 2017. Our students from ERLC and EELC were among the privileged ones who received complimentary tickets to this performance. Titled “Wind of Nomads”, the concert aimed at highlighting the plight of refugee children in Malaysia. It was also intended to give the children an experience of letting their emotions flow with the music and being stirred by the booming vibrations of the drums. The students were visibly fascinated by the vigorous performance, as they watch how drums could be used in different ways to produce powerful music. One of the highlights was the ‘Talking Drums’. The students were equally mesmerised by a singer who sang in Spanish, a totally foreign language. Truly music knows no boundaries of language. It was indeed an impactful musical feast for the entire audience.

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