By Areej, Level 8 (English class)

Dressed up in their beautiful traditional clothes

For the first time, an idea came to me in the month of Ramadan 2017 – to have an Eid celebration party in school. So I decided to ask my Principal for permission to organize the party.

This idea came when I was really missing my relatives in Pakistan and all the celebrations we had together. Then I realized that since 2014 I had been feeling sad on Eid and doing nothing, just recalling all the good times that I had in my country. I decided not to become unhappy and to appreciate instead what I have here and now. I started thinking of what I should do to remain happy. So during the Ramadan I asked myself why shouldn’t I celebrate Eid with my friends and teachers?

I began to think about the party and recall many interesting and fun games I had seen on shows like Jeeto Pakistan and Salam Zindagi, which I could play at the party.

Beautiful intricate henna designs by the girls

When I felt it was time to seek permission from Principal Christine, I was really nervous but I knew she would not refuse my request. When I told her about my idea for the Eid party she did more than I expected. I was really delighted when she asked me to make the announcement to the class the next day. At first I was very anxious about announcing my idea but I was relieved when most of my schoolmates were happy to have the party. I requested them to bring one food item each from home and also their festive costumes so they could change into them for the party.

On the day of celebration, our Principal ended school earlier at 1pm. As soon as school ended, we all dressed-up and laid out the food. After we had lunch, which I enjoyed a lot, we gathered in one room for games like Funny Questions and Answers, Drawing Circles with Foreheads, and Did You Say Something. We girls even had fun painting henna designs on our hands! This is the tradition practised in Pakistan during all festivals especially Eid.

The Eid celebration gave me a chance to learn to speak loudly without the microphone. All went well and the celebration ended with me distributing gifts to the students.

I want to thank my beloved Principal because she made it possible for me and other schoolmates to celebrate Eid together. She respects and treats all students equally. She allows all students to joyfully celebrate Eid with me and all the Muslims in my class. It was really a happy Eid for me.

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