In addition to providing students with basic education, ElShaddai Centre realised the importance of personal empowerment in helping students to achieve long-term independence. The idea of equipping students through various skills development courses was thus mooted.

As the practice of manicuring is a fashion statement gaining world-wide recognition, a program on gel nails extension was thus implemented as the first skill development course in March 2017. Students from ElShaddai Refugee Learning Centre and E-Learning Centre responded enthusiastically to the course.

During the planned eight sessions, participants were instructed on the practical as well as the theoretical aspect of the art of manicure. Trainees learnt that manicuring is more into the care of nail beds and cuticles rather than just on the surface beautifying of nails. Even though the training was tedious, it was never boring.

Here are what two of our participants have to say:

“I enjoy the course because in every lesson, there is the listening part and the practising part, for me to practise what I have learned on each other’s hands,” expressed Naw Mary.

“As for me, I really hope to use this skill in future to start a small business to support myself and my family,’ added Melody.

Indeed, the course had been very practical in nature with plenty of hands-on for participants to hone their skills on one another and it is our prayer that our future manicurists will take their newly learned skills to greater heights, benefitting both themselves and their communities.



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