it opened my eyes

by Joanna Thinn Mar, Jeremiah School Mentor

On 23 February, Jeremiah School (JS) visited ERLC as part of their mission week in Klang. Fourteen JS students were assigned to organise an activity with the Year 5 students. They conducted icebreakers to get to know the students. Then the students were divided into groups of three where each group was tutored by one JS student. Science and Mathematics were the two main subjects which they covered in their one hour of tutoring.

One JS student commented, “Just like any primary school students, they are eager to learn, interact and participate. Some of them lack a sense of security, and they feel appreciated and loved even by a little act of love shown to them. It opened my eyes to see how the church in giving them education is bringing an impact and change into these children’s’ lives, even changing their families.”

Thank you, ERLC for welcoming us and giving us a couple of hours to learn from these kids. God bless.

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