UPSR 2016 students

Eleven Year 6 students sat for the UPSR exams on the 18th and 19th October 2016. The exam was set and marked by local teachers and one lecturer. The papers were set according to Singapore’s education format, as the students use Singapore’s syllabus as their text, except for BM (Bahasa Malaysia).

UPSR 2016 Results

The students had their own way of preparing for the exams. These were their experiences and feelings:

Eai Moon Kyaw: “First of all, I prepared a time-table so I can divide my time properly to the various subjects, more to the ones I am not so good at, especially BM. Then, I will space out the study time, 1 hour in the afternoon and 2 hours in the night, so I will not be too tired out.”

Malik: “I have made a timetable and am following it with responsibility. At home, I always study alone and in a peaceful area. I read a lot of English books and get help from the Internet to improve my grammar. Our teachers encourage us to have a clear goal and work towards it.”

Javeria: “I am really excited about UPSR and am trying my best. However, I give time to sports too, so I will not be so stressed. I make a timetable, have a study group to discuss the important points, and study for at least 4 hours a day at home. Our teachers motivate us to study hard by organizing competitions and rewarding prizes.”

James Wobil: “I spend 1 hour on each subject a day. I read story books to improve my BM and English. I feel scared, nervous and excited.”

Hashmath: “I revise every day at home, to cover all the units in my textbook. I want to thank my teachers for helping me learn.”

Mithikshan: “I am weak in Maths and BM, so I am putting in more effort to improve in these 2 subjects. My teachers and parents are helping me a lot.”

Syed Fatiq

Syed Fatiq – Best Student for UPSR 2016

Syed Fatiq: “I feel very nervous, even though my preparation for all the subjects is good. I am trying my best to improve in English Grammar, and understand BM better. The teachers have helped me to understand more.”


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