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ElShaddai Refugee Learning Centre (ERLC)
  • Alpha (PreSchool)
  • Preime (Primary)
  • Excel (Secondary IGCSE)
  • Link (Literacy & Hospitality)
  • EEC (Equip & Empower Certificate)
ElShaddai Community Learning Centres (ECLC)
  • Sungai Udang, Jalan Pasar, Johan Setia, Kajang, Gombak, Ampang, Puchong Intan, Bukit Beruntung
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ElShaddai Healthcare for Refugees (EH4R) Providing primary healthcare through mobile clinics on rotation to five different refugee communities. Read More


ElShaddai Shelter for Refugees (ES4R) Providing shelter for unaccompanied minors. Read More

Skill Development

ElShaddai Skill Development Centre (ESDC) To help older refugee children who are less academic to acquire some skills so that they can be gainfully employed, with career prospects and progress, helping them to move away from 3D jobs. Read More

Social Enterprise

ElShaddai Social Enterprise (ESE) Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) projects set up to help refugee families to become financially independent or to partially support their families. Read More


  • ElShaddai Shalom Centre (ESC) Lodging for ministry partners, short term mission teams and interns
  • ElShaddai Transit Centre (ETC) Lodging for stranded migrants and refugees who need urgent relief.
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