A workshop on Personal Safety for Children was conducted on 26 September and 3 October 2017. The materials were prepared by the Soroptimist International Club, focusing mainly on teaching children to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations and from people who might harm them. The 70 students who attended this workshop were aged 8 to 11. They learnt the

5 Golden Rules of Personal Safety, which are :

(a) No one can touch my private body parts except to keep me clean and healthy.
(b) No one can ask me to touch their private body parts, even with their permission.
(c) If someone touches me and I don’t like it, I should say ‘’No!”.
(d) If the person still touches me and makes me feel uncomfortable, I should run.
(e) I should quickly tell someone I trust and keep telling until someone believes me.

These 5 Golden Rules are on a T-shirt, which is specially printed and sponsored by the Soroptimist International Club of Bangsar for every one of the students. They used fabric paint to imprint their own palm on their T-shirts.

The children also learnt the names of their body parts, in order to use them correctly to report if someone tries to touch them in the wrong way, or if they are abused in any way. They were taught to identify what are good touches and bad touches, what are risky situations and places and how to deal with secrets.

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