Finally, our first ALC will open on 5th March 2018!

Excitement fills the air as the ALC committee finalized the details on 7th Feb 2018 to pave the way to the opening of our 1st ALC at Sg. Udang, Klang.

A 1st storey shop lot near Amazing Heights Apartment was rented in mid January 2018 for that purpose after it was discovered that there are many refugee children from the Melayu Cham community residing in that area and they do not have proper schooling. As our ERLC is already bursting with the increased intake this year and many children on the waiting list, this ALC will certainly ease the pressure off ERLC and bring smiles and great relief to the parents there who wanted so much for their children to have the education that they didn’t have.

The simple renovation works including partitioning, air conditioning, rewiring works, lighting and painting have almost been completed and now dates have been set to do a thorough cleaning (25/2), moving in of furniture (27/2) and registration on 1st March 2018. The launching has been set on 5th March 2018. Schooling hours will be from 8.30 am – 12.30 noon.

Initial intake will be for the kindergarten and kindergarten Express classes. Teachers have been identified and the current syllabus used at ERLC will be adopted. The head teacher or principal will be Pastor Eric Tham from JB.

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