ERLC Parent-Teacher Meeting

The day began nice and cool as the parents strolled in. It was 1 April 2017, a day set aside for teachers to meet the students’ parents. We of little faith arranged only about 70 chairs but the response was overwhelming. More than 200 parents turned up, some with little ones in tow.

Max, our discipline teacher, briefed the parents on the items in our agenda:

  1. Discipline on misconduct/misbehaviour
  2. Handphones
  3. School fees
  4. Absenteeism
  5. Mid-year exam dates
  6. Updating student’s info – change of address, phone number

Parents were ushered into the different classrooms to meet with the teachers to discuss the progress of their children. The classrooms of the preschool and lower primary were noticeably packed with parents compared to those of the upper primary classes.

It was a very fruitful time on both sides. Parents came away happy to be able to talk to the teachers. Teachers, on the other hand, were glad that these parents cared enough to come.

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